About Us

Kommunale Galerien Berlin are together the AK KGB — Arbeitskreis Kommunale Galerien Berlin (Working Group Municipal Galleries Berlin)


are 36 freely accessible galleries with a total of 10000 m2 exhibition space

have for decades exhibited 200 shows annually, involving over 1000 professional artists

are places for the promotion of artists, of artistic experiments and the development of presentation and communication formats

are places of cultural and art education for people from all different backgrounds, cultural traditions and generations

are places for contextualised discussion on thematic, cultural, political and historical issues

reflect the cultural diversity of the city

are important art locations in the citywide context and a matter of survival for independent artists

are often the sites of first public presentation and professionalisation of artists and art organisers living and working in Berlin

are places of active networking between different scenes and operators, particularly between the independent scene and institutional cultural workers

are places of active participation in unbiased communication and free opinion for all recognised community groups

are anchored in their respective locales and contribute to their continuity and stability through the qualitative delineation of private, independent and commercial offers