KGB-Sounds 2019 at the Ballhaus Berlin

Der Plan

Moritz Reichelt, Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke are artists who had a decisive role in shaping German pop culture from the early 80s to the early 90s. The trio’s return to the stage reveals a new-found love for 21st century multi-media virtual performances: avant-dadaist schlager music is re-imagined with painted stage designs and 3D animation.

The SchnickSchnack

Berlin-based, two-kid-combo The SchnickSchnack pitches toy phone sounds against stickily-sweet keyboard tones. With their “lo-fi-trash-POP-toy-music-punk,” nakayamafutaba and Patrick WEH Weiland take us back into the realms of childlike focus. DADA gets smoochy with pop.