KGB-Sounds 2019 at the Ballhaus Berlin

Part art. Part cult. Part trash. Loads of noise and plenty of chaos. The now-legendary KGB Soundsconcert marked the end of KGB Art Week 2019 with a celebration featuring four exciting bands live on stage at Ballhaus Berlin: The SchnickSchnack, Kinky Muppet, Schrottplatz der Gefühle and Der Plan. Marlene Stark served up danceable interludes.

Der Plan

Moritz Reichelt, Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke are artists who had a decisive role in shaping German pop culture from the early 80s to the early 90s. The trio’s return to the stage reveals a new-found love for 21st century multi-media virtual performances: avant-dadaist schlager music is re-imagined with painted stage designs and 3D animation.

Schrottplatz der Gefühle

Schrottplatz der Gefühle tell stories of pearls and losers, they look for the way out of yesterday and tomorrow, and search for a home that no longer exists. They dance between hope and frustration and ask questions that teeter along the abyss, waiting for answers in vain. Who is fighting who? Who is holding my hand?

Kinky Muppet

Kinky Muppet — Katrin Plavčak (git, voc), Nicholas Hoffman (bass, voc) and Hari Ganglberger (drums) — have been playing together as a band since 2018. With improvised passages, strong rhythms and odd time signatures, the trio offers interpretive songs about electricity, the difference between chickens and robots, artificial body parts, and space travel.

The SchnickSchnack

Berlin-based, two-kid-combo The SchnickSchnack pitches toy phone sounds against stickily-sweet keyboard tones. With their “lo-fi-trash-POP-toy-music-punk,” nakayamafutaba and Patrick WEH Weiland take us back into the realms of childlike focus. DADA gets smoochy with pop.