rk — Galerie für zeitgenössische kunstGalerie für zeitgenössische kunst


The gallery opened in 2007 following extensive renovations to the Lichtenberg Town Hall basement level (Ratskeller Lichtenberg). The 290 m2  space offers perfect conditions, technically and spatially, for the presentation of contemporary art.

The program is defined by five to six exhibitions per year, primarily group exhibitions that foreground socially relevant topics on communal and cultural processes through art. Professional artists are invited to present painting, drawing, print, fine art photography and film, sculpture, and installation works.

The artists and curators are closely involved in exhibition-related events in the form of salons, workshops, artist talks, and guided tours that provide insights into the creation and production processes of contemporary art.

Möllendorffstr. 6
10367 Berlin

Tel. 030 - 902 963 712

Mon — Fri: 10 — 18 h