Ruine der Franziskaner Klosterkirche

The ruins of a Franciscan monastery church are one of the final remaining testaments to Berlin’s founding history, and one of the most important architectural monuments in the city to be opened to the public and used as a site for cultural events.

In the middle of the historical town centre and walking distance from Alexanderplatz, the monastery ruins are regarded as an outstanding landmark in Berlin city architecture and a marker of the city’s diverse, eventful history.

During the summer months, the [statement&dialogue] series provides the programmatic framework for various site-specific formats of contemporary art. The works deal with the architecture and history of the Franciscan monastery church ruins as well as with current urban planning processes in the Klosterviertels/Molkenmarkts area.

In cooperation with Jugend im Museum e.V., Franziskaner Klosterkirche Ruins offers educational programs for school and KiTa groups during exhibitions.

Klosterstr. 73a
10179 Berlin

Tel. 030 – 9018 37462

April – October
Mon – Sun: 10 – 18 h