The artists of the Interspace Collective draw on their personal experiences as PoC (people of colour) in a predominantly white society. The concept of “minor feelings”, elucidated by acclaimed author Cathy Park Hong, describes the dysphoric feelings that a white majority society dismisses or rejects. Curated by Julia Kochanek

Opening: Nevin Aladağ – Jamming

In her solo exhibition Jamming, Nevin Aladağ presents her latest eponymous video work, alongside a selection of other pieces, including immersive installations. Aladağ’s work challenges established boundaries in an exploration of the interplay between random processes, deliberate action, and cultural codes. The show is curated by Christine Nippe and includes performances, talks and a publication.

Opening: Moved

The exhibition explores narratives of both personal and collective transgenerational trauma, weaving through complex themes of historiography, displacement, oppression, and resistance. What role can art play in this context? How can we navigate trauma in the face of politically constructed counter-narratives?

Opening: Fern Liberty Kallenbach Campbell

German-American artist Fern Liberty Kallenbach Campbell (*1995, New York) creates large-scale tapestries and intricate textile applications. The interactions and interiors she portrays in her work are characterised by a narrative of complex interpersonal relationships that play out between personally experienced and digitally experienced reality.

Opening: Young Art Award 2023

Opening and Announcement of Winner Reinickendorf District Municipal Galleries and the Centre Bagatelle Art Association will jointly bestow the fifth annual sponsorship prize for young artists. Nine outstanding artists, selected by a jury, will be showcased in the Rathaus-Galerie Reinickendorf.

Opening: Punctum – Haus am Kleistpark Art Award 2023 Nominees Exhibition

Opening and award ceremony The compellingly titled Punctum exhibition showcases works by artists nominated for the 2023 Art Award. The term “punctum,” popularised by theorist Roland Barthes, signifies a poignant moment in an artwork that elicits emotional or personal resonance in the viewer. The annual award is endowed with a generous € 5000 prize.

Opening: Hide and seek

Chydenius morphs ordinary space into vibrant club environments using minimal yet precise methods. With light, sound, and video, spaces are restructured. Explorations of queer spaces were the starting point of the works. Chydenius seeks to capture the moments of uncanniness when hidden spaces transform into a profound form of solace. Details of an accompanying program […]

Online Opening: Tracing the Geometry of Cyberwar

Contemporary cyberwar is based on electronic control, communications, and weapons targeting systems. It also includes hacking, social network surveillance, analysis, and more. The flood of conflicting information and images means reality is harder to grasp. This project outlines the geometry of cyberwar using artworks, texts and other sources. The link to the exhibition will be […]

Opening: Ornament und Verbrechen

Ornament & Verbrechen, an artistic platform and open band project, was founded by Ronald and Robert Lippok in East Berlin in 1983. Their musical influences were diverse, including jazz, industrial, and electronic. Forty years of the band’s history is made visible through archival material, complemented by a newly developed installation developed by the brothers. Funded […]

Opening: Agnes Denes. Early Works

A collaborative project between n.b.k., daadgalerie, Galerie im Körnerpark and Akademie der Künste focuses on the art scenes in West Berlin before the fall of the Wall, drawing from the history of the DAAD Berlin Artists Program (BKP). At Galerie im Körnerpark, the first solo Agnes Denes exhibition since 1978 traces the artist’s original ideas, […]