Galerie 100

 – 21:00

City and change:

documenting change

Stadt und Veränderung: Veränderung dokumentieren
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In cities, art is subject to powerful changes, especially if it is located on a building or in public space. So much can be ‘read’ in city art, including political currents, technical potentialities, and trends in taste and style. Much can also be read from how it is dealt with. Two projects dedicated to city art and its documentation will be presented in this event: Bildhauerei in Berlin, whose activities include documenting sculptures and making them accessible to researchers, and Martin Maleschka, who photographed art on buildings in the GDR as it was being removed from everywhere.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Kähler, project manager Bildhauerei in Berlin at HTW Berlin and Martin Maleschka, architect, author, and photographer. Moderator: Danuta Schmidt, architect, journalist, and author.

Galerie 100