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feldern. zusammentun und auseinandersetzen (fields. unite and fight)

feldern. zusammentun und auseinandersetzen (fields. unite and fight)
Animation 2021, © Markus Schwander

fields is exchange, expansion of your own patterns of thought, action, and experimental collaboration. The artists in this exhibition cooperate with a wide range of disciplines and now bring together their collective studies and rather controversial theories on the interplay between systematics and randomness, self-observation, observation by others, knowledge appropriation, and artistic processes of form-finding in a room-sized installation. The starting point for this joint work was an extensive collection of material consisting of collective drawings, collages, videos, audio files, and texts. The collection was initially fed by a large amount of cooperative drawing and installation assemblages and was then expanded with corona-induced digital rescaling and reshaping. The exhibition combines individual and collective forms of production. It provides a framework in which to work collaboratively, allowing aesthetic experiences to circulate from one place to another through spatial displacement and repetition. As a hybrid between documentation and artwork, the collaborative work formulates a visual statement for collective action that visitors can now witness directly.

Curatorial support: Birgit Effinger

Opening: 11.06.2021

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Zitadelle – ZAK Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst