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Hiersein, Being Here, להיות כאן

Hiersein, Being Here, להיות כאן
Paula Elion, Israel 1976, 2019, felt-tip pen, page from Arabic-English dictionary, second-hand picture frame.

“Hiersein, Being Here, להיות כאן” is an exhibition that aims to make contemporary perspectives on German-Jewish urban life accessible to a broad audience. Seven contemporary artists present their individual, critical perspectives on family, origin, identity, and Jewish and German history through drawing, painting, photography, conceptual art, and graphic art. The diversity of content is reflected in the range of artistic media.

 Presenting a lively cultural plurality in relation to city life and encounters in the city is the focus of the exhibition. Berlin has always been a city of migrants. Artists are drawn to Berlin as a place to live and work because of its open structure and changeability. Artists with Jewish roots living in Berlin since the Holocaust, known as the so-called third generation, stay here for the same reasons. Contemplation and interest in Jewish culture is something they share with German artists who deal with the memory and history of National Socialism in their work. The exhibition offers insights into these confrontations and thematic networks: Who is looking at Germany’s history and how are they looking at it? What perspectives are created by artists who have moved to Berlin from Israel and other countries? How do they engage with Jewish and German culture? How do artists of German origin deal with memorials in the city?

Opening: expected 5.9.2021, 12.00

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