Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof

 – 16:30

Kaboom! Bang! Whiz! Boing!

Comic Workshop

What images appear in your mind’s eye when you hear the words “Kaboom! Bang! Whiz! Boing!” What stories could be associated with them? How can they be presented in words and images? Surrounded by a wall piece by Leipzig comic artist and illustrator Anna Haifisch, the workshop participants become comic artists and develop their own picture stories.

Workshop for children aged 9 and over

Workshop leaders: Christian Diaz Orejarena (artist) and Miriam Trostorf (art educator)

Registration: 030 902 975 717 or

Kaboom! Bang! Whiz! Boing! Comic Workshop
Anna Haifisch: Künstler und Kuratoren (The Artists and Curators) [Detail], Wandtapete, Dimensionen variabel. © Matthew James-Wilson
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Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof

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