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Liebe und Erschöpfung (Love and Exhaustion)

We are tired. In the face of pandemic crisis and states of emergency, we have had to keep working even while significant areas of our lives were brought to a standstill. Our bodies are exhausted; we can’t do it anymore.

This exhibition explores the contemporary relationship between work, love, and exhaustion. In collaboration with dancer Laurie Young, Anike Joyce Sadiq develops sculptures that support us and allow us to be exhausted. They are an impression, a challenge, and at the same time a homage to tired bodies. During the exhibition, Konstanze Schmitt connects with the neighbourhood around Frankfurter Tor. Using performative research, she deals with post/pandemic conditions in the interplay between labours of love and exhaustion.

What are the interconnections between social inequality and our state of exhaustion? In what ways do inequalities influence our relationships? Are there forms of selfcare that evade or resist capitalist appropriation?

Love and Exhaustion is the third exhibition in the series MY WORKING WILL BE THE WORK. on self/care, labour and solidarity, curated by Linnéa Meiners and Jorinde Splettstößer.

Opening: 7.7.2021, 11.00

Liebe und Erschöpfung (Love and Exhaustion)
Anike Joyce Sadiq & Laurie Young, interrupted, 2021

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Galerie im Turm

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