Schloss Biesdorf

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Muted Piano Man

Muted Piano Man
© Fenia Franz, 2021

“Well, we’re all in the mood for a melody,” says a line in Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” in which a piano player offers comfort to the lonely patrons of a run-down dive bar.
Popular music is a given in all our lives, but what is it actually worth to us? Over the past year, we have all felt what it’s like when everything goes suddenly quiet and how precarious many cultural worker’s lives are. But necessity is the mother of invention, and we can achieve a lot together.

Jacu, a musician and experienced “piano man,” plays the prepared piano.

The audience’s willingness to make a contribution is required in order to enjoy the performance. The piano keys have first to be activated, otherwise they stay silent. In contrast to the well-known busker’s hat, here, the donation of money comes first, then the music!

Will the audience be successful in producing the complete melody through their collective efforts, or will the keys remain silent? Who will show solidarity with the “piano man,” and which higher power will step in if there is a reluctance to pay?

Muted Piano Man
Jacu (piano)
Lili (Button Operator)
Fenia Franz (cash register)


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Schloss Biesdorf

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