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New Normal
‘Normality’ and artistic work
Tendencies – Processes – Strategies

The concept and experience of normality have become non-self-evident, as can be seen in the politically and strategically deployed formula of the ‘new normality.’ What effects does this shift have on rituals, habits, and uniformities in artistic work? Does it give rise to a new perspective on your own approach, potentially changed or unchanged? And what is ‘normality’ in artistic processes?

The works in this exhibition offer answers to these questions from a diverse range of viewpoints. Ten artists from the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district have been brought together, each working in very different contexts and media. In addition to painting and works on paper, photography, video, and installation works are also featured. Despite apparent differences, a closer look reveals significant similarities and parallels.

The pandemic has created or made visible voids in various fields, and in culture especially. ‘Absence’ has become particularly perceptible in supposedly ‘normal’ practice. In the context of this exhibition, the void now manifests — in an abstract way — in the artworks presented. In place of an empty space or an erasure, there is a reason or occasion for something new to emerge; the absence has become a formal medium and starting point for contemplation.

Opening: 29.08.2021, 13.00

New Normal ‘Normality’ and artistic work Tendencies – Processes – Strategies
Sara Assadi, Europa 2020, 2020, © Sara Assadi

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