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Podo – Performance art festival

Podo – Performance art festival 
Foto: Yun-Ting Hungh, 2022

Performances by Camilla Graff Junior, Lan Hung and Dariusz Kostyra

Camilla Graff Junior
My work, as a performance artist and artistic researcher, is situated in the intersections between visual art, creative writing, narrative, feminist theory, archive and affect. In my current research project, I use an auto-ethnographic approach as a method to look at performance as a tool to investigate social practices as they affect and reflect a woman’s life. I have developed my performance practice within research networks and platforms that are based on self-organization and collaborative modes of knowledge production and that integrate artists and scholars from varied fields and cultural backgrounds.

Lan Hung
Critical about the art system and its conventions Lan Hungh has chosen a very open discipline: performance art. No role-playing here. His actions – a mix of nonsense and intelligibility based on a universal and natural grammar and inspired by daily life – engage an exchange at eye level with the public. Like a contemporary Diogenes looking for the honest man Lan Hungh praises nature, purity and freedom. Can art change the world? Regardless of the response: it is important to formulate thought-provoking questions.

Dariusz Kostyra
is slowly working as a performance&artist in Berlin in Europe.
He explores spaces while denying time.
This time he will stand on his own ground.



Podo – Performance art festival

Performance art is a region that collects practices which don’t quite fit into other genres. As such, each artist’s practice is unique and has its own goals and priorities. In addition, performance art often involves risk-taking, both in terms of artistic choices and the physical demands themselves. Risk and care can, at best, lead to powerful and transformative experiences for performers and audience.
During the first week in September 2023, the Studio im Hochhaus once again features contemporary performance art made for this occasion and venue by Berlin-based and international artists. We appreciate presenting here because the site is specific in its physical opportunities and especially in the interplay of interior and exterior space. For this iteration, we partner with Grüntaler9 in Wedding, the performance events will be distributed between the two locations..

The festival opens on Friday with three Berlin-related performers at the Studio im Hochhaus, followed by barbeque, music and dancing. Then continues Monday to Thursday with afternoon group performances by Bbeyond at Studio im Hochhaus, followed by individual evening performances at Grüntaler9. A detailed schedule will be released closer to the event.

Anja Ibsch, curating such an event at Hochhaus for the third time, is joined by her collaborator, Adri Disman for this iteration of the festival. Both curators strive to support the spaces of exchange and conviviality in festivals. As curatorial collaborators, they are committed to encouraging risk and experimentation on the part of the artists they support.

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