Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst

 – 17:30

Smart Cards. Actions at the Town Hall forecourt

A workshop to discover art both inside and outside Galerie Wedding. Participants receive their own set of cards offering creative actions — for individuals or groups — for the Town Hall forecourt.

MOVE ALONG! Public spaces are regulated so that everyone feels comfortable. At the Town Hall forecourt, you’ll find the so-called “Platzordnung” (Rules of the Square). You will notice that all the things you are not allowed to do are listed. What if you could decide what you were allowed to do … or even should do?

Street art is related to graffiti. You might see it on your street, on walls, on the asphalt or all over buildings. The Town Hall forecourt has so much to offer if you look closely. We will explore the square with our bodies, we will look, search for things, read, draw, and discuss.

All ages welcome.

Join in at any time.

Action cards are available in German, Turkish, and Arabic.

Workshop leader: Barbara Campaner

Registration by phone: 030 9018 42385

Or email:

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Galerie Wedding – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst