Schloss Biesdorf

 – 17:30

The Shop of Priceless Things – Simply Priceless!

The Shop of Priceless Things – Simply Priceless!
© Fenia Franz

How much does the air you breath cost? How much is your time worth?

Some things cannot be bought.

Or can they? In the palace workshop you can invent your own products and fill the shelves of our shop. Happiness in a tube, or a saver pack of sunshine? You can design different objects with colours, labels, lettering and, last but not least, set the price of them!

You will find inspiration in the exhibition “Werterauschen” (Exchange of Values), where artists have thought about how different values determine our lives.

An open workshop for families and children approx. 8 years and over.

Workshop leader: Fenia Franz

Registration by phone: 030 55288931 or email:

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Schloss Biesdorf