Self-Liberator II – Attempt at a Retrospective

The title of the exhibition is based on an unfinished series of work begun in the 1990s. A piece of music by composer Helmut Oehring, which premiered at the 1995 Berlin Music Biennale, was named after a graphic image from the period. The exhibition includes works from three decades: drawings, graphics, and artist books, as […]


As a municipal gallery, we are looking for ways to engage with digital space. To explore this new space with artists and the public, we conducted digital residencies, the results of which have been brought together in POST NORMAL. The exhibition title has been borrowed from the work of Sharon Paz and refers to the […]

Von unter den Brettern

Marten Schech (*1983 Halle (Saale)) is a sculptor, installation artist and percussionist. He uses old building material, furniture, and wood for his sculptures, condensing the material into architectural fragments whose traces of wear have a narrative quality. For his Johannisthal installation, he has built a dilapidated labyrinth of wall fixtures, corridors, and historical inventory.

Was sonst noch geschah

In August 2020, two artist friends began a photographic dialog with images from the depths of their extensive archives. The guiding idea was a search for images that have a direct impact. These found photos from the past have a new context when presented in an exhibition, opening spaces for spontaneous associations, contradictory feelings, and […]

Grüne Spuren – An Audio Walk about Berlin’s First Botanical Garden

Berlin’s first botanical garden was located on the site now known as Heinrich von Kleist Park. The walk’s audio drama features scences that explore the park’s history, focusing on the passion for botany that underpinned its economic, political and historical entanglements – historians and botanists share anecdotes, factual knowledge, and engage in imagined dialogues with […]

HAK Lab – Haus am Kleistpark Award 2022 Nominees Exhibition

Haus am Kleistpark announces the annual art award, endowed with €5000, in support of artists. With the title HAK Lab, the large hall opens as an exhibition space for artistic experimentation and artistic experience. Works that reflect contemporary, relevant themes and innovative concepts from all disciplines of visual art will be presented.


Frank Jimin Hopp addresses contemporary challenges such as the destruction of the earth by climate change. In his current work, Hopp draws on heroes of the 90s and 00s video games, comics, and films, who flexed their muscles and defeated any opponent that stood in their way. But Hopp’s works demonstrate that these heroes have […]

Andrea Pichl – Dogmen

Artist Andrea Pichl focuses on everyday design in both historical and contemporary forms. Her interests range from the neglected architecture of social housing blocks, to the design of front gardens, houses, and interiors. Pichl’s latest research project is the “Behelfsheim” (makeshift home) developed in 1943 for people who had been bombed out of their homes.

Fluxus New York and Elsewhere

Fluxus was one of the earliest international and inter-media art movements. Following its beginnings in Germany, New York became a hub of decentralized Fluxus activities. George Maciunas was a key figure who strongly influenced theory, program, and aesthetics. The exhibits presented convey the diversity of activities by Fluxus artists in the New York period.