Kommunale Galerien Berlin present the 11th Kunstwoche from 30 August to 8 September 2024. There will once again be numerous exhibitions, performances, concerts, artist talks and workshops throughout Berlin.



Q: What is Kunstwoche?
A: Kunstwoche is an art festival that takes place in municipal art galleries across a number of districts in Berlin. The varied program features exhibitions and a range of events in other formats.

Q: What are the dates for Kunstwoche?
A:  The festival take place from 30 August to 8 September 2024.

Q: Where does Kunstwoche take place?
A: More information about the Kunstwoche is coming soon.

Q: How much is the admission fee?
A: Admission to all exhibitions and events is free.

Q: Who organises Kunstwoche?
A: The organisers are the Arbeitskreis der Kommunalen Galerien Berlin.

Q: Who is the Kunstwoche program aimed at?
A: The program is aimed primarily at the general public. Individual events created for a specific audience will be noted in the event announcements.

Q: Is there barrier-free access to exhibitions and events?
A: Accessibility information is available on individual municipal gallery pages.

Q: When was the first Kunstwoche held?
A: Kunstwoche has been an annual event since 2014.

Q: Is there a Kunstwoche newsletter?
A: The Arbeitskreis provides information about shared events in the annual Kunstwoche program via individual municipal gallery newsletters. We don’t produce a newsletter but you can subscribe to individual gallery newsletters at each gallery on-site and via their websites.

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