Kunst Raum Mitte

Kunst Raum Mitte
Aurelie Pertusot: Le Pli, 2020 © Elma Riza

galerie weisser elefant becomes Kunst Raum Mitte. Founded in 1987 in what was then East Berlin, the establishment of galerie weisser elefant marked a significant moment in the cultural landscape of the GDR. The gallery became a vital platform for emerging, independent art with an oppositional character, thereby contributing to challenging and broadening the conceptual boundaries within the art discourse of the time. Notably, performances and action art reflected the artistic zeitgeist, symbolizing a cultural awakening.

In 1998, galerie weisser elefant relocated to Auguststraße in Berlin Mitte, where it continued to showcase interdisciplinary projects in a municipal exhibition space until 2023. As Kunst Raum Mitte, the gallery is undergoing a reorganization to broaden its profile and evolve into a place for intersectional discourse.

With Natalie Keppler and Agnieszka Roguski, the gallery will have new artistic leadership in 2024. Their focus lies on the transformations and performative dimensions that characterize the house and its stories.

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Kunst Raum Mitte
Monika Jarecka, spatial installation, exhibition "zweimalzwei" 2017, © Monika Jarecka
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