A Spreading, Creeping Saturation

Dust is literally a relationship between things: whether it’s hair, sand, bits of dead skin or other organic matter. Dust encompasses the living and dead, the past and present. While for the ancient Greeks light was what made vision possible, the thing that separated the sighted from the seen, Russian philosopher Michael Marder argues that […]

Bodies of Dust

What is dust? What does it look like? What is it made up of? What knowledge space opens up when we think about, observe, and encounter the phenomenon of dust? The artistic approach of Kerem Ozan Bayraktar and Sinem Dişli traces dust in different ways and reveals a world of externality and internality. From the […]

Sandsturm – And Then There Was Dust

Sand is everywhere. It slowly but surely covers everything and brings human activity in public spaces to a standstill. Sandstorms — one manifestation of the many ecological processes of the Mesopotamian region — are addressed in this intermedial and transnational exhibition dialogue between seven artists and collectives from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. At the same […]

Galerie im Körnerpark

Galerie im Körnerpark has presented nationally and internationally successful contemporary artists since 1983. The elongated hall of the neo-baroque orangery, with its high windows and picturesque view of the park, offers a special backdrop for artistic disciplines. Presenting the artistic worldview of women is one programme focus, as well as thematic exhibitions that reflect on […]