Curator’s Tour – Into the Underground with Johanna Janßen

On September 6th, curator Johanna Janßen will lead a tour “Into the Underground” – to Galerie im Turm’s very own “pole of inaccessibility”, were an artwork by José Montealegre is installed. The space is the planned but never completed entrance to the Frankfurter Tor underground station, which is only accessible during the curator’s tour. Tour in […]

Artist Talk with Ana Alenso

Ana Alenso’s art focuses on the social and environmental impacts of extractivism, global resource politics, and the trade precious metal and fossil fuels. In her new work, Deepwater Horizon, Alenso explores the environmental risks associated with oil extraction using offshore drilling rigs. She looks specifically at the catastrophic consequences of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon blowout […]

Haunted Waters

In this workshop we will join forces and become ghost hunters! We will go through imagination, drawing and writing exercises to visualise ghostly contaminants. We will explore bodies of water that are “haunted” by chemical contamination. Contaminants are substances that due to different factors have ended up in our waters. Just like ghosts, they are invisible […]

Pole der Unzugänglichkeit

Pole der Unzugänglichkeit is part two of the Schwindel exhibition series, which explores cosmic and oceanic world design in the past, present, and future. In thematic terms, the exhibition addresses the threat of climate catastrophe and alludes to the danger of recreating the social and ecological problems of the earth in the development of (extra)terrestrial […]

Galerie im Turm

Galerie im Turm (Tower Gallery) was founded as an exhibition space for the GDR Association of Fine Artists in 1965 and has been in its current location—on the ground floor in the north tower of Hermann Henselmann’s Frankfurter Tor—for fifty years. It became a district municipal gallery in 1990 and currently features the work of […]