Safety First! Basics of Preventive Digital Safety – Online workshop

This workshop introduces participants to the basics of preventive digital safety and risk awareness measures, which they can apply to their own context. It also provides the main principles and criteria of assessing and deciding what digital tools to choose based on specific individual or group / team situations and needs. The Workshop takes place […]

How the Internet Works – Online workshop

This short workshop helps participants to understand how the internet is structured, and which journey information takes when traveling from the end user to the providers of information and vice versa. Participants will gain awareness of where the main digital safety risks are and how they look like for various scenarios. The workshop How the […]

Online Opening: Tracing the Geometry of Cyberwar

Contemporary cyberwar is based on electronic control, communications, and weapons targeting systems. It also includes hacking, social network surveillance, analysis, and more. The flood of conflicting information and images means reality is harder to grasp. This project outlines the geometry of cyberwar using artworks, texts and other sources. The link to the exhibition will be […]

Berliner Prater: Ein Berliner Vergnügungsgarten von den 1830er Jahren bis heute

Berlin Prater has always been a place for culture, art, entertainment, and public discourse. Historian Dr Johanna Niedbalski has traced its eventful history. The results of her research were recently published as the book, “Berliner Prater: Ein Berliner Vergnügungsgarten von den 1830er Jahren bis heute” (Berlin Prater: A Berlin Pleasure Garden from the 1830s to […]

Tracing the Geometry of Cyberwar. Virtual Exhibition and Research Room in Prater Digital

Modern cyberwar is grounded in electronic control, communication, and weapon targeting systems, and also involves hacker attacks, surveillance, social network analysis and much more. The flood of contradictory images and information complicates our understanding of reality. Through artwork, texts and source material, the project outlines the geometry of cyberwar.

Prater Galerie

Following extensive renovations, Prater Galerie is set to reopen at Kastanienallee 7-9 under the same roof as Prater Digital and Prater Cultural Education. Prater Galerie develops thought-provoking, socially relevant exhibitions that are accessible to a wide audience — both digitally and through publications. The gallery has been hosted at various cultural venues across Berlin and […]