Art Picnic

A picnic at the palace with artists featured in the current exhibitions at Schloss Biesdorf. Guests can look forward to an evening of great art, lovely food, and good music. Register at: With artists in the current exhibition at Schloss Biesdorf

Under and Over

In this workshop, you will create your own abstract pictures with acrylic paints. Inspired by paintings from the Hidden Layers exhibition, you’ll mix your own personal colour palette in our studio workshop. Be amazed at the shapes and surfaces that come to light through spackling, blotting, and smudging of multiple layers! Workshop for kids aged […]

Residenzpflicht I–X

The Residenzpflicht I–X exhibition, presented by the msk7 artist collective, is a collection of works by artist-in-residence participants from 2019 and 2021. The artists were living and working in ten newly constructed modular refugee accommodations in Berlin.

Hidden Layers

Hidden Layers presents the tenacious spirit and progressive vision of ten seasoned Berlin artists shaped by life in the GDR. The works reflect resilience, memory, and a rejection of the wastes of sensuality. The exhibition is a testament to the strength of individual narrative and the power of art. Curated by Christoph Tannert

Schloss Biesdorf

The municipal gallery at the listed Biesdorf Palace presents temporary exhibitions of contemporary art on relevant social themes, often with a focus on urban space. Art projects dealing with similar themes and an extensive array of events accompany the exhibitions. There is a permanent exhibition highlighting the building’s turbulent history and unique architecture, as well […]