Galerie Parterre Berlin

Galerie Parterre Berlin
Exhibition view Galerie Parterre Berlin: Michael Voges, various works, dates and techniques © Nachlass Michael Voges, Luna Kallenbach. Photo: Marjorie Brunet Plaza

As a forum for contemporary art, Galerie Parterre Berlin links art in Berlin with recent art history and national approaches. The inner logic of the exhibition and event programme and the intergenerational approach enable the exhibiting artists to present of their work in a larger context. A permanent co-operative partner is the Berliner Kabinett e.V., which presents the Egmont-Schaefer-Prize for Drawing. The gallery is also connected to the art collection of the Pankow district.

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Danziger Straße 101, Haus 103
10405 Berlin

Tel: 030 – 902 953 821