From Gallery to Gallery

What is our relationship to brands like? Galerie Kulturhaus invites you to explore this question collaboratively, to discuss it and engage in experimental activities. Galerie Historischer Keller is transformed into a club and space is opened up performatively. Check out our website for further information. Workshop for school classes, grades 10–12 Workshop leaders: Christina Büch, […]

Daily Icon

The Daily Icon exhibition sheds light on different facets of consumer culture and commodity aesthetics, exploring the tension between the commercial iconisation of goods and Wolfgang Ulrich’s concept of responsible consumer citizens. The exhibition features Deniz Dogan’s ceramic objects, Corinna Heidepriem’s sequential drawings, and works from Albrecht Fersch’s “Logorealism” series. The works leverage product design […]

Galerie Kulturhaus

Galerie Kulturhaus is on the ground floor of Kulturhaus Spandau, which has a concept that emphasizes “Culture for Everyone” and provides space for countless cultural events and social projects. In keeping with the concept, Galerie Kulturhaus developed a fresh thematic focus and began presenting “outsider art” in 2019. The exhibitions are primarily inclusive, featuring works […]