Cut Out and Collage Workshop

Cut-Outs, in the original sense of paper cut-outs, are used in these workshops as cut-out set pieces to create new compositions. The participants have a large selection of colourful magazines and journals at their disposal and are also invited to bring their own material. The cut-out motifs can be assembled on paper as a collage […]

The Snippet Gluers. Collage workshop

Eyes, nose mouth, arms, legs – is everything in the right place? We could also turn the world upside down and arrange everything differently – in the world of collage, anything is possible. Artist Jakob Roepke talks about the world in his art works and demonstrates how collages are created. We cut up colourful magazines […]


What emerges when the destructive act of cutting paper is used to explore something new? How do contrasts – before and after, light and shadow, figure and void – interact when the image medium is manipulated by the cut, punctured, but also shaped? Form and colour unite; light shapes the scene as a part of […]

GalerieETAGE im Museum Reinickendorf

GalerieETAGE in Museum Reinickendorf is located in the 1911 extension of a former schoolhouse in Hermsdorf. The gallery has been presenting annual exhibitions of contemporary art and regional historical themes since 2014. The primary focus is on solo and dual exhibitions of artists demonstrating current developments in contemporary art. The shows are supplemented by an […]