New Normal ‘Normality’ and artistic work Tendencies – Processes – Strategies

The concept and experience of normality have become non-self-evident, as can be seen in the politically and strategically deployed formula of the ‘new normality.’ What effects does this shift have on rituals, habits, and uniformities in artistic work? Does it give rise to a new perspective on your own approach, potentially changed or unchanged? And […]

Make it Home

Exhibition tour of “Make it Home” with co-curator Oliver Krebs and Norbert Wiesneth, Kommunale Galerie Berlin.

Hiersein, Being Here, להיות כאן

“Hiersein, Being Here, להיות כאן” is an exhibition that aims to make contemporary perspectives on German-Jewish urban life accessible to a broad audience. Seven contemporary artists present their individual, critical perspectives on family, origin, identity, and Jewish and German history through drawing, painting, photography, conceptual art, and graphic art. The diversity of content is reflected […]

An Endless Game — Art with Collage Techniques

Atalya Laufer, an artist in the current exhibition, “Hiersein, Being Here, ןאכ†תויהל†” works in her workshop with the biographies and works of other artists. Workshop participants experiment with reproductions and artistic techniques such as collage, montage, and drawing, which they can then use to tell stories from their own lives. Past, present, fact, and fiction […]

Kommunale Galerie Berlin

The Kommunale Galerie Berlin is a forum for contemporary art in the municipality of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf where exhibitions and events have been held since 1974. The functional two-floor exhibition area offers space for photography, painting, graphics, installations and performance. The work of Berlin-based artists receives special attention and the focus of the exhibition programme is artistic […]